Skyline Game Engine - Privacy Policy

What is a privacy policy and why do we need one. Well the answer is simple; its so you can see and know what data we store about you and what you share with us and how we operate with that data in regards to providing you a better experience when using our websites and using our software.

As in accordance with the latest GDPR changes which came into effect on May 25th 2018 and in accordance with all active data protection laws, we are providing you with insight as to how your data is retrieved, stored and used and how you can change any of the data you wish to change.

What data do we ask from you?

When signing up to the store as a customer, you will provide your name, email address password to the site, Home or business address, phone number and whether you want to subscribe to our newsletters.

When becoming a vendor or signing up to sell your own products and services, you provide the same information as being a customer but you will also need to provide your PayPal email in which we will pay the funds too that you have earned through the store too.

The websites use cookies to store your sessions and by using the websites you are agreeing to the use of those cookies. You can however delete all cookies that are stored by us on your web browser by following any numerous tutorials online on how to manage and remove cookies.

To receive 1-1(one to one) tech support with one of the team, we request that you provide your name, email and serial so we know that you own a commercial license to use the software.

Forum Support is again like described before and the data that we use is Username, Email, Password to the site and location.

How is the Data used?

All data you provide us with is only used internally within our company to handle situations where you purchase a product or wish to receive newsletters, we do not share or handout any form of information about you or your details to any third party.

If you provide information about a product or service, then this information will be public as per the product pages which is why you should not place any personal information or details on the product itself.

Location Details like address, post code or country is purely for used for tracking sales on our store which is not shared with anyone and also so we can display the correct time zone for you to make the forum more accessible and understandable. Since we are a digital sales company instead of retail, there is no need for shipping information.

Any billing or personal information is kept secure. See below section:

What Protection do we use for your Data?

To ensure we give you the best security possible to which we can provide, we use a secure server that is encrypted with the latest in SSL protection. You will know the site is secure because of the padlock or lock icon in the browser address bar. This means anyone using network sniffing technology will not be able to retrieve or gain access to any data that you entering through the online secure web spaces and any data you send is also encrypted by our servers and website to maintain security.

How does the data pertain to you using the software?

Well, like all software that is commercial and use some form of licensing, we have to store records of what serial or license belongs to someone and to do that we use databases that cannot be accessed remotely; and only through our server. The engine itself has its own EULA (End User License Agreement) that you must agree to in order to use the software.

Removing yourself from lists or removing accounts / information.

We want you to know that you have full control over your data and how we can operate with that information and at any time, you can request that your information be removed. Whether this is removing a license from your name or deleting your accounts entirely. All you need to do is contact

How can you unsubscribe from newsletters or mass mailings?

This can be done from your main account from within the store with relating to the store and the newsletter has its own section, once disabled, you will no longer receive any newsletters from us regarding the store.

For the forum, if you do not want to receive any mass mails which do not happen often and are usually important if sent, then please contact us at the address above and we will ensure not to add you in those.

How can you delete your account and information from our servers?

If you want your information, licenses or accounts removed, then again please contact us using the above link stating what you want to be deleted in detail and we will remove what you ask for from the server and our records. You have complete control and privacy over your information.