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Skyline Game Showcase - RC Helicopter WIP 01

Posted by SolarPortal 22/01/2018 0 Comment(s)

This time we haven't got a development feature to show you, but we do have the very first game showcase.

The game's current development name is "RC Helicopter". RC stands for Radio controlled. We know this isn't radio controlled but the craft modeled is alike to a real RC heli version.

What the idea of this project is to create a level where you have to fly through a certain amount of pickups in a certain amount of time which would be the flight time of an RC Helicopter's battery life. If you have ever flown one in real life, then you will know that they usually last around 5 minutes.

The flight is fully created through the use of Physics and forces, this has created a very realistic interpretation of an RC helicopter flying through the air and you control the amount of throttle using the mouse by moving it up and down in the screen. The higher the throttle spins the blades creating lift. You can then move the craft using the W/S Key to move forward and backwards. Then use A/D to rotate the craft around to point in a new direction.

Essentially, this is a 3 Channel helicopter.

We have tried to capture what it looks like with the main blades and the tail blades which spin based on the amount of input they receive.

When the craft crashes into an object, then sparks are thrown out and if sufficiently damaged will start smoking until finally explodes.
Yeah that's right... Totally Realistic (lol) :P

Anyway, here is the video showing this game running inside the skyline editor.

Once completed, it will be added to a games page where people can test what games have been made on skyline.

We have shown you ours, so now its your turn to show us yours ;)


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