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Aurasoft UK (Skyline Game Engine) are official partners with OSVR

Posted by SolarPortal 22/06/2015 0 Comment(s)


Over the past few months we have been in contact with the VR industry driven open source initiative known as OSVR to integrate their technology into the Skyline Game Engine to enable their new product called the Hacker Dev Kit(HDK available in July 2015) and all other HMD’s in their supporter network to be compatible with Skyline to create fully immersive 3D games & applications.

What is very interesting is that most hardware that supports OSVR will also be compatible with Skyline. This also works the other way around where the content developers supporting OSVR have another technological avenue to support their software development.

To further the interests of VR and Game Development, Aurasoft UK is now an OSVR Partner.

We have successfully integrated the OSVR SDK into a testbed application as we are building it into skyline and are awaiting the HDK's from OSVR before we can move any further as we need to test the work but once we have; Skyline will become a VR compatible product at no extra charge. We will be releasing Skyline with the OSVR Integration as part of the commercial indie version of skyline.

Over the coming couple of months we will keep you informed of the progress of development.

There have been some images and news released by OSVR on their main website and news posts.OSVR Main Site

If you scroll halfway down the main website, you will see a skyline image shown in the background, which is pretty cool as developers. ;)

We have also been added into their news threads from May 26th 2015.

First here is the main news page and here is the OSVR May 26th News release where we are mentioned.

Here is a screenshot of the testbed running OSVR integration and demonstrating a dual viewport rendering camera.

It's not the greatest graphics as the testbed is a bare minimum application and contains none of skyline's shaders.

When we know this is working with the OSVR HDK's, we will integrate into skyline. With the way OSVR is created and setup inside the testbed, there is no reason we couldn't get the Razer Hydra Controller and many other forms of connected hardware devices to run inside skyline.

Thank you for reading and i hope you will support both Aurasoft UK and OSVR over the years ahead.


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