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Posted by SolarPortal 29/01/2018 0 Comment(s)

Well new blog on a new day! Since it was StarFire's birthday on Sunday, we decided to take a little bit of time to enjoy ourselves and then some time to recover from those good times lol :P It was a well needed break while we have been developing skyline flat out, but we are now going to get back to it and try and finish up this release.

Currently i myself am adding in a JSON implementation that will be easy to write simple human readable text files, perhaps this system would be good for inventory data, save files for your games and anything else you crazy devs can come up with. :) In between this, i am integrating OSVR into a seperate build as we now have our own OSVR HDK's which we will be blogging about soon. So stay up to date with latest news for that one. There are also many problems users are having and we are working along side some of them to try and fix their problems.

StarFire is focusing on the new Game Mechanics editor trying to add the last needed feature for the release and at the same time is developing new mechanics for all you cool folks!

Over the past couple of weeks, there have been some mechanics and scripts go up on the store, so we would like to see much more content generated for the store even though it is long overdue for a gfx overhaul. But we say keep it up everyone and to ourselves and skyline will start to become a bit of a monster engine :D

Thanks again and keep developing :)

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