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Back to Development!

Posted by SolarPortal 29/01/2018 0 Comment(s)

After our saturday incident of having a chimney fire, which was very close to losing everything apart from skyline source. We are now back to development, we have fixed what was damaged and cleaned all the mess up and have successfully resurrected both main Dev machines to full working order. So What's happening next:

Well, Hannah(StarFire) is still pushing onwards with the mechanics and as for myself, i am still working on the port to the new renderer which as we said is going to take a little while to create and get the engine back to working order. This means i will be starting a new task on the older version of skyline and improving the Attach and Detach system to make it easier and its workflow a lot simpler. At the same time, we have plans for a few extra features in the same region.

Once we have done this, we will be looking at releasing a new version which will be V0.9.7 (Release 7). I just want to make it clear that this release will not be the upgraded renderer as it broke many features in the engine and all of them need upgraded and will take some time.

So, there we have it and our current plans. We would like to thank everyone who is still involved in the engine and thank you all for being patient in this currently slow feeling development cycle, which is not going slow; as there is loads being done. Just none of it can be showed or given to you all yet!

Keep it up everyone and Thanks for reading :)

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