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Skyline Particle Editor Part-1

Posted by SolarPortal 22/01/2018 0 Comment(s)

Whilst developing a simple game for a tutorial ( more about this later )  I noticed that you could not easily attach a Skyline particle to an object! like you can with the Particle universe type.

The SkyParticle was an early system designed before the modular actions when everything had to have its own base class. This needed to change!

We now have a upgradable SkyParticle action which can now be developed and expanded but most of all is easy to now add any skyparticle effect to your game objects. Think of ammo crates with  its glowing "I am over here" effect, just add the skyparticle action set the file and away you go.

Whilst working in this area I will make it more obvious how to edit your effect, I hear your cries of "about time!" So I will put aside some time for tidying up the particle editor and incorporating some of the ideas you guys have suggested ;)

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