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Gen2 Interim release v0.9.8.12 + May recap

Posted by SolarPortal 29/01/2018 1 Comment(s)

We have just released Gen2 private alpha version v0.9.8.12 to the commercial users who joined our program.

It features many new fixes and updates to several editors such as the Material Editor, GUI Editor and Path Editor.
This is called the interim release because we were upgrading the core renderer but we encountered some strange issues that we had to backtrack on. So this release is to get some of the changes out like the new multi dynamic property sheets per entity. 

Here is the release log:

Now that this release is out, we can focus on getting the core renderer working again and get to the next update which will feature some really cool bits like point light shadows etc...

On another note we are very close for Gen2 becoming a public alpha so all users can try and work with the engine. This will still only be for the commercial users of skyline still.

Thanks for reading and have a great week! :D

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