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Development update (Apr)

Posted by TattieBoJangle 03/04/2019 4 Comment(s)

Hello Everyone,

We have a few updates for you today first off the navmesh is coming along nicely and it now has regions so you can now set diffrent areas for example grass, road, paths, water to name a few this will allow you to set a volume to say blue and the flag to swim this will allow for characters or AI to know the diffrance between a swim area and a walking area as well as many other uses.


Also avalable is offmesh link drawing directly from lua this will give the AI the ability to jump  gaps, jump of ledges with the option to not let them climb back up.


Post Effects

StarFire has been working hard and finished the post effects this includes HBO, HDR, Colour Type 1-3, Old TV, Bloom, Night Vision, B&W, RadialBlur, Laplace, Dither, Embossed, Posterize, DOF, Tiling, ASCll, Sharpen Edge, Invert. The most welcome in my opinion is depth of field below is an example of how it adds to a scene although its just basic dof i have been told that they now have bokeh.


I am glad to say it comes with some nice sliders so you can change the dof on the fly like range, focal, blur, strength the above images are close range with high strength and below is long range with the focal starting from around the center of the screen.

SMAA Anti Aliasing

Last but not least is a big one anti aliasing yes thats right say goodbye to they jagged edges.

Thats all for now untill next time take care.


4 Comment(s)

Liam Gibbins:
05/04/2019, 03:04:21 PM,

To add blurring (bokeh) to images and or scenes is a great giving the scene a dof will enhance the immersion of a game.

Liam Gibbins:
05/04/2019, 03:06:16 PM

I meant to add.. Hope they jump onto finishing off the eco system painter and getting vertex animations in soon that will be amazeballs .

23/11/2019, 03:45:24 PM,

Thanks for sharing!

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Leons Digital:
18/03/2021, 08:36:47 AM,

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