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What is Skyline?

Making a Windows based game has never been so easy.

Our Skyline Game Engine has been designed from the ground up to be an easy to use game engine that will allow anyone with minimal experience to create a game, this includes Hobbyists and modders or anyone who hasn’t touched game tech before.

Skyline has many hidden advanced features that will allow experienced developers to create truly amazing games with great gameplay as we use Lua scripting with a full API to create all our game mechanics and events in an easy and understandable language. Also with this system you can expand the editor features with a QT ui and editor side commands.

As Skyline is in constant development new features and workflows are in always being created such as a full visual Mechanics editor that makes custom game play available to those that cannot program, a Quest Editor and interactive player system and the Game Objects tools for rapid scene creation..

OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

“The Comfy 24 hr chair that will last you a lifetime!”

Yes, this is a bold statement and with this in mind, we designed the editor to be able to be used for long periods of time without it wearing you down and we offer you a license system where your copy of skyline is yours for all time!

Skyline offers a fully comprehensive WYSIWYG drag and drop development environment together with a modern design using a dark themed editor interface to reduce glare on your eyes and to make the imagery you are creating stand out more.

It has an easy to grasp interface, allowing you the developer to move your project further on in development quicker and get your game out on the market. Coupled with the concept of not reinventing the wheel, skyline has made it possible to reuse anything you have created in any other game. We say this because every time you have to make a specific model, game mechanic, particle (and many more) slows down the development of a game, so in skyline once you have made it once, you never have to remake that Asset again, whether it is a script, action, preset or any of the other things skyline allows you to create.

Assets are a huge part of game development.

Management of these libraries can become a big task.

Have no fear as Skyline can use assets from any location on your drives so no more copying assets from folder to folder. The resource location system enable the use of huge asset libraries.

Create your own development library and have it run alongside Skylines asset library, even compile and end game with powerful auto resource collecting. Project based work flows are also supported and recommended for very large projects.

Many model import file types are supported including fbx, x, obj and many, many more. All files types can be auto converted and optimized with Skylines Asset managers Prepare option, including image sizes and conversion to dds. Have Skyline auto prepare you assets for you!

Powerful Asset Manager Editor.

Along with the powerful main editor, we provide a full asset manager that displays all skyline file types with high quality thumbnails.

Meshes and Materials have their thumbnails generated automatically, whereas presets and scenes can be taken manually to give your asset manager the ultimate artist edge.

There are many tools built into the manager such as

  • file management
  • folder reorganizing
  • resource management
  • batch FBX conversions to skyline supported formats


Many files can be opened from the asset manager into their native editors such as if you have photoshop installed, then you can open any image straight away, or open url links into a browser, text documents etc. There are so many more features for you to play with.


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Pulled V1.1.2.0

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Back to Development

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