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Pulled V1.1.2.0

Posted by SolarPortal 23/07/2020 2 Comment(s)

Sad but required, why say this. Because until the new version of skyline v2.0 is released, you can no longer purchase the engine.

We are doing this because we are recieving emails through support about problems people are facing with the engine and we can no longer support that version or fix any of the issues as our source base has completely changed to the version that is out there.

In hindsight, we could have handled this better and kept a copy of the code out there to keep updating and releasing fixes to that version.

Does this mean skyline is done for.. NO, on the contrary, v2.0 is only a couple month away and will be in its beta phase when released.
This is when reporting faults and crashes will be crucial to making it a stable release.
But the v1.1.2.0 that is currently released, can no longer be purchased as we don't feel its fair to offer something we can't fix or update. All efforts are now focused into v2.0.
Simply we cannot offer support to fix bugs or crashes at the moment until the Beta for v2.0 is released which we are very much hard at work on.

We have left the free version for people to try skyline and use it.. All people who have already purchased skyline will still be able to get their downloads and install the commercial version,
and all licenses are still in tact.

Many apologies from the team here at Aurasoft UK and hope you are all well and staying safe in this crazy world.

2 Comment(s)

Jose Reñones:
01/09/2020, 05:21:20 PM, Jose Reñones Matilla

Hello, why don't you leave the engine free and they charge 5% of the profits, many video game engines do that

29/10/2020, 04:04:42 PM

I have just discovered this engine and would like to know when v2 is expected to drop and how much it will be? Thanks.

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