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September 2015 Development

Posted by SolarPortal 23/01/2018 0 Comment(s)

Wow just finally got a few minutes to get a small blog out to let you guys know what we are upto. So much has been happening lately and we are not getting any time to lift our heads and take a look at the world around us. Just seen the trees outside starting to change colour so this must mean the end of our very wet and windy summer. Generally summer is a time of slower development, what we did not get that memo!! Flat out all the way for us, slaves to the Skyline Goddess for sure.

So what does this mean for you? We have been cooking up some cool new user front end to the visual mechanics system, and it now looks the dogs dangly bits some thing I think you will be proud of. Many bugs and workflow usability stuff has also been worked on making the visual mechanics a new Skyline feature. There are still a few more tests and new modules to create but it will be released in the next update.

Talking of updates, we are also trying to get a 64bit version of Skyline ready so you can take advantage of the unlimited scene object count, no more "Sorry you have reached the max number of scene entities!" Big scenes are a thing of now, so big ram users can now truly benefit from their systems. The new scene object pool has also make Skyline more ram friendly as it now requires less startup memory. This has been a huge change to the core code base and a lot of time in making it stable but in doing so makes Skyline even more fun to use. Also the update has many new fixes most of all it works with win10 ( LOL what a joke! ). What time we had off has been spent fixing our PC systems to keep them running after the win 10 update, there has been so many tears and paddies as the systems decided to slowly crap out and self implode lol!

We have been improving the character system actions such as "weapons shoot" and "Damage" to make a cool Third person shooter system. So you will be able to quickly get a TP shooter character running around your level. There is so much still to do with the character stuff and depending upon time to release we will get in as many character features as possible. I will post a blog about the character development soon and chat about some of the problems game developers can encounter when creating their own third person character systems. This will be just reference for you to read as we have done the hard work for you. ;) 

uh oh! the sound of my chains being rattled, the oracle has noticed me missing from my developer station, better sneak back before my absence is reported to the Goddess. See you next time, happy Skylining! :D

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