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Skyline Game Engine - New Renderer Documenting 01

Posted by SolarPortal 29/01/2018 1 Comment(s)

Hey Skyline Users,

We have a special sneek peek video for you today into the world of the new renderer for skyline and showcasing the new shadows and HemiSpherical ambience(yes, we already had Hemi ambient before, but we used GI mainly as its better ambient lighting.).

Development is steadily coming along again with features being added back into the renderer each day. Currently we have a close finished gizmo (just a couple of raycast issues currently), and we can add all of our older mesh format models into the engine on the fly.

Once done, Skeletons will be auto instanced, meaning many characters on screen at once and as for materials, we are currently working on this. StarFire will be taking lead on the PBR(physically based rendering) system and will integrate GI that we have all come to learn and love lol :P to get that AAA game look.

This time it is a short video, perhaps next time we can show you the Anamorphic lensflares and HDR Pipeline which can create very impressive lighting.

Spotlights also have better shadows and these do not move at all unless the light itself moves, currently no point light shadows though.

Here is the video showcasing the shadows and Hemi :)

Til the next Blog and video then :)

1 Comment(s)

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