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Skyline Development Log : April 2016

Posted by SolarPortal 29/01/2018 0 Comment(s)

Hey, We have had a request for a new blog on the development of the engine.

A lot of the engine is working again, but we are experiencing some strange errors and bugs which are taking some time to get fixed and working with the Ogre3D team to iron these out.

However, overall the engine is getting close for an alpha release. We have decided that when we release, both versions of skyline will be given out as certain sections of the new renderer are not as stable as they could be. We are still developing both versions the best we can to provide you with an engine that is working and an engine that is faster, some better visuals etc...

So this weeks work has seen the return of the mesh editor and the gui editor in the new renderer and navmesh is now underway. However, speaking with the Ogre3D team, they have suggested rewrites on parts of the engine which use a slighly imcompatible feature. It isnt big work to replace, but does add a bit of time consuming.

So here is a video of the new renderer and what it currently looks like :)

Video 1: This shows that most of the editors are operational again.

Video 2: This shows that most of the actions and effects work.

Its nothing that flashy but the content is starting to be there. OpenGL3+ works similar to DX11 but has a few bugs trying to be ironed out at the moment. As for the black skybox, this is only a DX11 issue and works relatively ok in OpenGL.

On another note: in my time off, i have been trying to get a Radiosity Lightmapping solution working and got the mesh to put through the system but currently no successful visual results.
I have a few other things to try which might get us something cool. This is not guaranteed though and is still right at the start of development :)

We would like to congratulate CreativeOcclusion from the forum on his level being developed inside skyline which is coming along very fast and the gameplay videos look great. Check it out here: Skyline Forums - Tunnels of Tarkus



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