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Development update (Feb)

Posted by TattieBoJangle 22/02/2019 6 Comment(s)

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to February's update as you may notice this blog post isnt the typical 100% you normaly get from SolarPortal & StarFire but they are busy in the lab cooking up some great things.



So now thats out the way you may ask whats new whats being worked on well i dont want to give to much away but for starts the new ui is amazing it just the feels slick and smooth, you can also use the middle mouse button to pan the camera such a simple thing bit boy does it make a difference that and the added bonus of the new camera movment they just go hand in hand.

As you can see from the screenshot below the navmesh is also being worked on and having a right good overhaul it's still early development but it's coming along well there is also talks of using it as a AI toolkit as well but thats further down the line.

Starfire is also working her magic on the postfx editor and is using the editor plugins this is close to completion. This allows turning HDR, HBAO on and off and also allows all the current post fx to be turned on/off again like in skyline gen1 the great thing about this is because its all programmed from lua, each post effect will be tweakable from script at runtime, great for post processing volumes. Because its done in lua scripting, it also means users can make their own post fx compositors and hook them directly into the editor and program them from lua.

Release date

Like everything it sucks to wait but will it be worth it (well take it from someone who has there grubby little paws on it) yes!! the aim is for an early spring release if all goes well.  

Future Blogs

The plan is to have to have more blogs they wont all be skyline related but they will be game dev related as well as the odd free stuff :) on top of this i will be doing the odd steam with skyline with youtube and twitch link below.


As alot has changed in skyline there is planned tutorials coming as part of the update and will now be on the main official channels so if you haven't already subscribed feel free to do so and why not drop a like on the facebook page.




Thats it for this news post and look forward to hearing from you all on the forum.

6 Comment(s)

Jayce Young:
23/02/2019, 07:54:00 PM

Nice write up :) Great job!

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