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Skyline Release v1.0.1.2 Patch (Codename: Aurora)

Posted by SolarPortal 20/03/2018 0 Comment(s)

ok, new patch update which fixes a few more major project bugs:
You can find it as a fresh new download or as an auto update which is the quickest method( only available in the Pro and Studio Pro versions.)



  • New: Asset Remapper: Skip button added that will not write back to anything filewise and use the global group for location.


  • Updated: Asset Remapper: When remapping a material, it now shows the mesh name of what its remapping for so you can look it up before commiting.
  • Updated: Creating your own library for the first time will now generate a Textures\Terrain\Heightmaps folder.
  • Updated: Terrain panel: Clicking open heightmap will now go to the user library folder and fall back to the textures folder if a user does not have this folder.
  • Updated: Projects startscreen, you can now know which project is selected by a background color changing to blue.


  • Fixed: Remapping: When a material asset was remapped; it didnt show what mesh was asking for the material to know what mat group to put it in.
  • Fixed: Projects: Creating a project without the asset manager open and then creating a new project resulted in a crash.
  • Fixed: Projects: Creating a new project and then clicking back onto the projects start screen tab would show the wrong icon
  • Fixed: Projects: After creating a project, go create another one and the settings wont be defaulted.
  • Fixed: Creating new projects one after another would add more and more project entries into the drop down
  • Fixed: Project Start Screen: When the engine loaded, it showed some random text that disappeared once the start screen populated.

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