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Skyline Release v1.1.0.3

Posted by SolarPortal 04/08/2018 4 Comment(s)

Hello Great Users of the SkylineVerse!

We are bringing you yet again another patch update to give you the most latest up-to-date fixes. We are attempting to bring the time difference between updates down so we are getting one out every week and at most every two weeks. We shall attempt to keep the work within scope so we don't go weeks without positing anything even though we are on Discord Skyline Servers nearly every day! :)

This time we are featuring Skyline Game Engine v1.1.0.3 which adds some more stability and fixes to the end game. We are still working on the End game for some so if you do encounter anything we need to know of, then please do inform us through our multitude of ways for contacting us and we will do the job as soon as we are able to.

This release also add the ability to use skyline's normal grid snap when the "G" is held while moving the gizmo. Vertex snapping is currently in development and we hope to have something for the next release.

As always, take care and have fun!

Please see the changelog below:

P.S. This update is available as an auto update for Pro and Studio Pro, also online for lite users too.. Standard! :P.
P.SS. We have also updated all the installers to change a link on the license agreement and also the Pro and Studio Pro data on the store have been updated to in case of reinstalls required and no auto updates would have to be downloaded.


  • New: Grid Snap: Holding key "G" while in the editor will activate grid snap mode from the menu. Releasing the key will deactivate it.


  • Updated: Scene Entity List: Reordered duplicate with rename on an entity right click to save accidental duplications.
  • Updated: Removed the warning about meshes needing upgrades.
  • Updated: Skyline will now cascade visibility calls down the child entities. This is from lua entity.setVisible(obj, 0);


  • Fixed: Physics: If a rigidbody was deleted while a character controller was walking into it, then it would cause a hard crash.
  • Fixed: Presets: When loading an older preset version, the parent or base entity was getting the parent hash set to the internal hash leading to later problems.
  • Fixed: When the skyline application closed whether it is the editor, player or end game, then skyline would have crashed due to it removing the root scene node.
  • Fixed: When an entity was deleted, it never removed the entity node from the node manager which led to leaked pointers which crashed the editor on closedown.
  • Fixed: Scene Worflow: Delete preset child, select in tree, delete parent. Repeat and it will crash. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed: Game Export: Roads were not exporting the material they were using and would have a material error in end game.
  • Fixed: Game Export: .ogg and .wav are now collected from the project folder even if they are or are not used, this is so scripts that call them can rely on the fact they are collected.
  • Fixed: End Game: Binary Scene files were not loading Empty Nodes correctly leading to incomplete scene loading and missing particles etc....
  • Fixed: End Game: Fixed a lot of the Exceptions that are thrown as the game loads.
  • Fixed: End Game: End game scenes load a fraction faster. 84secs to 72secs on one scene.
  • Fixed: The loading screen that appears after the splashscreen no longer has an error on the version number
  • Fixed: The loading screen version number was misaligned for Studio Pro versions.
  • Fixed: Roads: If a scene with roads came back in with a resource group of global, then the road would always remap and not store the new resource group.


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