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Skyline Release v1.1.2.0

Posted by SolarPortal 22/08/2018 0 Comment(s)

Hello Skyline users,

Here is a new update for the Skyline Game Engine with this time v1.1.2.0

We have added some new features in this build which should make your control of timing animations with actions a breeze. By this we mean:
Animation Events

Check out the development log on this subject here on the forums:

Anyway, have fun and check out the changelog below for all the latest changes.


  • New: entity.spawnPresets() will return a table of spawned ids even if one entity is spawned. (Reflects changes to previous release)
  • New: entity.spawnPresets() has been added to the API
  • New: entity.getYaw() has been added to the API
  • New: entity.getPitch() has been added to the API
  • New: entity.getRoll() has been added to the API
  • New: entity.spawnPresest() intellisense added.
  • New: Feature: Animation Events: Skyline now has the ability to trigger lua functions at a specified time on an animation known as an animation event. This allows you to easily make script blend with your characters movements. e.g. footstep sounds when the foot hits the floor at any scene speed.
  • New: Mesh Editor: New property panel for events that are added to an mesh that has animation and a skeleton.
  • New: Mesh Editor: Timeline: Right clicking will now have "Add Animation Event" which will mark the timeline red and add a property block to the events tab.
  • New: Mesh Editor: Timeline: Right clicking will now have "Remove Animation Event" which will remove the mark on the timeline and the properties.
  • New: Mesh Editor: When saving the mesh, the animation events are written to the mesh.ini file.
  • New: Mesh Editor: When loading a mesh, it will grab all events from the mesh.ini
  • New: Mesh Editor: Choosing an animation to run in the editor will update the timeline with the markers for events.
  • New: lua: entity library()
    • New: entity.registerAnimationEvents(objID, state) -- state enables or disables the use of animation events on a character.


  • Updated: entity.spawnPreset() will only return a single integer id of the first spawned entity. (Reflects changes to previous release)
  • Updated: entity.spawnPreset() was not in the API
  • Updated: entity.spawnPreset() intellisense updated.
  • Updated: Resource Collection: When we removed the need for workspaces in skyline's gui and lua. We lost the ability for resource collecting the GUI folder, this is now passed to the loadGUI functions to resource collect the folder.
  • Updated: Game Export: Removed annoying message about script parsing needing improved and left it in the developer version.
  • Updated: Game Export: Removed message about presetname which was a debug print left over.
  • Updated: All File sizes of all exes have reduced by a small margin. Win32 end game is less than 10mb now.


  • Fixed: GUI - End Game - If the stylesheet failed to be found in a package, then skyline would have hard crashed.
  • Fixed: Resource Collection: If a script called entity.addScript() the script would be grabbed but not parsed for other resources.
  • Fixed: Spawning presets in end game would always return the first spawned preset id since it did not get cleared.
  • Fixed: End Game: When loading a GUI from custom resource group, it would not load any font files that you stored with the GUI
  • Fixed: Game Export: Collecting resources for GUI's has been greatly improved.
  • Fixed: Game Export: Removed the script resource errors at the end of the compile. It was not grabbing the file correctly.
  • Fixed: Editor Player: Isolated Projects would not work in the player.
  • Fixed: Render error on action editor ENTITY category as it showed a blank action.
  • Fixed: Editor Mesh: The stack on the bottom was not swapping for the lod controls.
  • Fixed: Spawned particles could not be attached to empty nodes.


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