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Skyline Release v1.0.1.1 Patch (Codename: Aurora)

Posted by SolarPortal 19/03/2018 0 Comment(s)

A Couple of notable bugs from yesterdays release have been fixed, so we are releasing a patch release to prevent any issues.

Forgot to also mention about the Remapper changes which were improved in v1.0.1.0. These changes are in the shape of the Auto detect and the ability to remap materials, scripts and particles.
Plus its also a lot less naggy since once you have done a remap once for an asset, if it comes up again, it uses the path that was used the first time around meaning a lot less remaps are needed.
With the Auto detect, if you choose a remap library from the list, then it will auto detect to that library for the entirety till a new scene is loaded.

If you are new to this version of the release, then it is recommended that you read this blog first:


  • New: Material Editor: Disable Shadows being recieved on a material which improves performance.


  • Updated:


  • Fixed: Crash when loading a texture that did not exist in the resources, but the resource group was still used.
  • Fixed: Projects would crash if they were created then loaded from within one of the user or system libraries.
  • Fixed: Projects would crash if the project filepath contained the name of the project folder twice or more.
  • Fixed: Projects: Game manager: The created game manager was using the incorrect paths for the script and pause menu which stopped the resource collection from collecting the file to end game.
  • Fixed: When exporting a level with a game manager, it would work the first time but then display default properties on the next export due to the defaults being set on first export.
  • Fixed: End Game: It would crash when creating a navmesh agent due to the debug agent calling a normal mesh instead of system mesh file.

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